buttons not displaying

mpierce@ecomsystems.com Nov 26, 2013 11:09AM PST

The buttons won't display on my page.

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Adam Fmn Nov 26, 2013 03:05PM PST
I see the buttons on my category summaries but last night it mysteriously vanished from my pages and posts. I just tried the plugin settings again but no luck.
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ShareThis Support Nov 28, 2013 01:47AM PST ShareThis Agent
Can you please provide us your site details so that we can further investigate the issue you are facing?
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Adam Fmn Nov 28, 2013 06:34AM PST
My post URL is http://fakemalaysianews.com/2013/11/28/sarawak-chief-minister-protests-destructive-dam/

But the buttons dont show on any of my posts (im using another sharing plugin but you can still see the share this floating bar on the left of my site.
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ShareThis Support Nov 29, 2013 04:58AM PST ShareThis Agent
We have checked your website and Sharethis buttons are displaying on every page and posts.
Please refer the screenshot:-

Please feel free to contact us if you face any issues.
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FashionistaNYC Aug 20, 2015 11:32AM PDT
The buttons will NOT display on a post I published yesterday. I published the post and then went back and updated my Wordpress Dashboard to version 4.3 and now that buttons only on the most recent post will not display......

YES - The sharing button is checked at the bottom of the post


Why only this one post?

Sheryl B
Fashion Development Group
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samiraallion@gmail.com Sep 24, 2015 01:20PM PDT
I have the same issue. I can't see them on my posts mindramblesundays.blogspot.com

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