ShareNow by ShareThis

What is ShareNow?
ShareNow is a new social tool which allows users to continually share content to their social network timeline.
How does it work?
You must first enable ShareNow by authorizing ShareThis on a social network. Once this has been enabled, ShareNow posts content that you browse on a website to your social network timeline. ShareNow gives users more control over their content. You can continually share, remove shares, re-share or stop continually sharing. If you choose to stop continually sharing, you will still have the option to one-click to share.
How does a user continually stop sharing?
To stop continually sharing, simply select the "off" option on the widget. This will disable continuous sharing and give you the one-click to share option.
How is a share removed from a social network?
Shares can be easily removed from a social network timeline by simple clicking on "Undo" from the ShareNow widget. This automatically removes the share from your social network timeline without having to leave the publisher's website.
How do I turn it on only on specific sites?
By default, this widget will be turned on the site where you enable it. On all other sites using ShareNow, you will see the widget in a disabled state. Just click "on" to enable continual sharing on any of these sites.
What if I accidentally share something that I don't want my friends to see?
No problem, just click on "Undo" and your problem is solved. No need to go to the social network to find that share to remove it.
What does "Undo" mean?
"Undo" means that the content you just shared on the social network will be deleted.
How do I know that I am sharing content?
Just hover over the widget to see the current status. The message "Sharing" will alert the user that their data is being shared on their social network timeline. Once the content has been shared, the message "Shared" will appear. ShareNow always shows the user the current status on every page.
What does "on" and "off" mean?
"On" continually shares content to the your social network timeline. "Off" stops continually sharing content and gives users the one-click to share option to share.
Can I share content again if I accidentally deleted it?
Yes, after deleting a share, users are given an option to re-share content. Simply click on "Re-Share" to post the content back on your social network timeline.
Do I have to re-enable ShareNow everytime I visit a website?
No, after leaving a website and returning, ShareNow will still be enabled. You can check of your share status on the widget - it will either be "on" or "off."