It's easy to add ShareThis to your WordPress blog/site. Simply download and install our plugin to get started. There are two ways to do this:


Note: Domain mapping for publishers using secure installation of ShareThis plugin

Following domain mappings will be required for secure configuration of ShareThis plugin. s.sharethis.com should be mapped first and then w.sharethis.com.

Please refer the following screenshot.


Automatic Installation


Log-in to your WordPress blog.





In the sidebar, expand Plugins and click on Add New.





In the search box, type ShareThis, then click Search Plugins.





Find the search result that says ShareThis and click Install Now.





On the installation page, click the Activate Plugin link. You're done!



Manual Installation

  1. Download and unarchive the plugin folder.
  2. Place the uncompressed share-this folder in your wp-content/plugins directory. You should end up with up with wp-content/plugins/share-this/.
  3. On the Plugin page in your WordPress Administration area, activate the ShareThis plugin.

Plugin Options

Once you have successfully installed and activated the ShareThis plugin. A link to a new settings page in the sidebar will be generated where you can customize the plugin.


Locating The Plugin Options Page

In the sidebar, expand Settings, then click on ShareThis.





Choose Button Style Option

Select from small or large buttons or ones that display share counters.





Add Hover Bar Option

Select the Hover Bar if you want your sharing buttons always in view – even when users scroll up and down the page. Learn More.





Add Pulldown Bar Option

Select the Pulldown Bar and it will appear when users scroll down the page. Learn More.








Choose Social Services

Select which social services you want to add and remove the ones you don’t want. You can also change the order of how they appear. A full list of available services can be found here.





Choose Social Plugins

Select which social plugins you want to add and remove the ones you don’t want. You can also change the order of how they appear.







Enable CopyNshare

Check this box to track the shares that occur when a user copies and pastes your website's URL or content. Learn More.





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