Stream API



The Stream API provides access to socially trending content across the ShareThis Publisher Network. Users sharing content with social networks, or friends and followers clicking on shared links indicate a measure of social popularity for that content. We refer to this as Social Reach. When combined with velocity i.e. how fast the Social Reach is occurring, the API delivers content that is in essence viral at that moment based on Social Reach and velocity.

The Stream API is used in two primary configurations:

  • By domain - find social trending content for a domain. e.g.
  • By topic - find socially trending content for a particular topic. e.g. "Oil Spill"


Other input parameters include retrieval of all public comments on trending content, and specification of time windows to compute trending. e.g. last hour, last day, etc. The API consists of two methods: i) access the public stream of shared content based on activity by all users and ii) access shared content of a specific user and their friends and followers on Facebook, Twitter, and Yahoo.

Please note that API use is limited to 150 requests/hour. If you wish to access the API more often, contact us at