ShareThis Presents

The Page View is Dead:
Thriving in the Social & Mobile Era

A 4-part webinar series for website publishers and mobile app developers.


ShareThis powers the social web, touching the lives of 95% of U.S. Internet users across more than 2 million publisher sites and 120+ social media channels. As a leader in social, we want to share our insights with you - our valued publishers. We've developed a 4-part webinar series where you, a website publisher or mobile app developer, can learn how to:

  • ✓ Improve your Social Media Strategies
  • ✓ Increase Engagement on your Mobile App
  • ✓ Leverage your Social Analytics
  • ✓ Evaluate New Metrics to Measure Success

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​Evaluate your Social Cycle: Connect. Engage. Increase. Repeat.

The game has changed. It's not just about putting Facebook or Twitter on your site or app. Learn how to reimagine the way to present content to readers and measure engagement -- extracting the most social value from your site.

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Presenters: Paul Lentz, SVP of Publisher Services; Sean Shandmand, VP of Mobile; Carmen Maierean, Director of Product
When: September 24, 2013 11AM PST
Who: Publishers and Mobile App Developers interested in learning more about Social Media Strategies

Turning the Lights On: Increasing Engagement in your Mobile App

It's hard enough trying to get people to download your app, but how do you keep them interacting with it? ShareThis uncovers the mobile black box to help you improve the "stickiness" factor of your mobile app.

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Presenters: Sean Shandmand, VP of Mobile
When: October 15, 2013 11AM PST
Who: Mobile App Developers looking to increase engagement on their app

Leveraging Social Analytics to Power Quality Referral Traffic

Are you getting the best traffic to your site? Learn how to leverage your Social Analytics to increase the value of your website. Let ShareThis help you increase page views, optimize your content and keep your users engaged.

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Presenters: Paul Lentz, SVP of Publisher Services; Carmen Maierean, Director of Product
When: October 29, 2013 11AM PST
Who: Publishers interested in increasing the social value of their site

Verdict: Infinite Scroll Found Guilty in Page View’s Death

Redefine the value of your website. Go beyond page views and CTRs. Find out why agencies, such as SMG, are adopting SQI as an additional metric to measure the relevancy of their target audiences - the social influencers.

This webinar will feature a panel of speakers with ShareThis’ SVP Publisher Services, Paul Lentz moderating the session. Join our webinar and find out what Industry experts have to say about evaluating your website’s success via social media.

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Moderator: Paul Lentz, SVP of Publisher Services

Steve Raymond, VP USA Today Sports Media GroupSteve Raymond, VP USA Today Sports Media Group

Joe Alicata, Principal Product Owner, ChartbeatJoe Alicata, Principal Product Owner, Chartbeat

 Sam Harrelson, Head of the Harrelson AgencySam Harrelson, Head of the Harrelson Agency


November 19, 2013 11AM PST
Who: Publishers looking for additional measures of success.


Paul Lentz Paul Lentz, SVP of Publisher Services
Paul is responsible for developing a more effective means for the 2 million+ publishers that make up the ShareThis network to deepen user engagement and increase monetization through our arsenal of social sharing tools. He most recently served as VP, Business Development for the and CNET brands at CBS Interactive, focusing on product strategy and partner development around technology, content and e-commerce. Prior to that he worked in both business and product development roles for CNET Networks, building a reseller network for consumer electronics content in Europe and North America. He holds a Bachelor of Arts from Kenyon College and an MFA from Sarah Lawrence.

Sean ShadmandSean Shadmand, VP of Mobile
Sean is in charge of all things mobile. He was previously the President and Co-Founder of Socialize, Inc., which was acquired by ShareThis in March 2013. Sean dove into the mobile industry in 2008 when he co-founded PointAbout, Inc., and started specializing in iPhone and Android based development, for brands like Disney and Newsweek. He sold PointAbout in early 2011 but in 2010, he created AppMakr, as the first fully automated, no code required platform for creating fully native applications. Sean addressed the new engagement problem in mobile and created Socialize — a social SDK for mobile apps — in late 2011. Sean has appeared on Bloomberg TV as a guest expert and was also featured in The Washington Post, Wired, ABC News, Entrepreneur Magazine, FastCompany and TechCrunch. Sean holds a Bachelor of Science degree from George Mason University. 

Carmen MaiereanCarmen Maierean, Director, Product Management
Carmen drives the product strategy for publisher and consumer products. She strives to increase user engagement on websites and deliver new methods of tracking and measuring social engagement. Some of the products she has successfully launched at ShareThis are SQI for Publishers and CopyNShare. Prior to ShareThis, she worked at Drobo focusing on the consumer application and cloud partnerships, with an emphasis on user experience and seamless integration. She also led the BitDefender consumer strategy team and launched multiple award winning antivirus products. She has a Bachelors Degree in Computer Science from Politehnica University of Bucharest.